Many people experience a number of advantages out there to waxing over traditional shaving. At Skin Renaissance, we offer facial waxing with our Master Aesthetician by appointment. Please call our office for pricing of brows, upper lip, chin, etc.
The first benefit that you should consider when you are looking at waxing would be the fact that they do not need to worry about nicks anymore, as well as any cuts when they are waxing instead of shaving. The next bonus to waxing that many women enjoy is no more razor burn.

You will want to make sure that you are taking great care of your skin and not using harsh chemicals if you do not need to. There are some out there that might still be using a chemical hair removal product that might not understand the damage that they are doing to their skin by using those harsh chemicals.
The next benefit that you will want to look at would be waxing can last up to three weeks. When people are shaving, most have to shave every couple of days to stay silky smooth -- and even then, they have to fight against razor burns and chances of nicks. Waxing also eliminates those awkward stubble moments. There have also been reports that waxing regularly could help to make the hair that comes back in is finer. Waxing is known to be more efficient than shaving simply because waxing allows you to remove the hair from the root, thus allowing more time between needing it done and the hair feeling less sharp.

Retinol-containing products must be discontinued two weeks prior to your first waxing appointment and all exfoliating and chemical-containing products should be discontinued one week prior to your waxing appointment. Please call the office with any questions.

Results may vary from person to person depending on factors such as: skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up treatment as well as precautions take prior to and after treatment.