The Six Days of Christmas in JUNE starts on Monday June 12th !!


We are switching things up a bit this year and moving the Six days of Christmas from July to June to accommodate schedules.

And it starts this coming Monday !!

How it works:
You will get an email every morning starting Monday June 12th thru Friday June 16th and one final one on Monday June 19th. Read the email all the way through (sometimes there will be more than one special for the day).  If you see something that tickles your fancy, come in or call us (410-2833) to purchase.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Christmas specials, be sure to read the rules.  The specials MUST be purchased that day- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Day Six will most likely be a re-do, but some of the specials are of a limited quantity, so if we run out, you wont see them again on Day Six.

Sorry, we cannot tell you in advance what will be on sale. Because Julie wont tell us until the night before.