Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

How many laser sessions will I require?

Many patients ask the number of treatments that will be needed to remove a tattoo.  In the past healthcare providers would simply guess on the number of treatments a patient needed which was rather frustrating to patients.  For many patients, homemade or amateur tattoos will need 3 to 5 treatments, and professional tattoos will need at least 5 treatments.  A predictive scale, the “Kirby-Desai Scale”, was developed to assess the potential success and number of treatments necessary for laser tattoo removal, provided the medical practitioner is using a quality-switched Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser incorporating selective photothermolysis with 4 to 8 weeks between treatments.

The Kirby-Desai Scale assigns numerical values to six parameters:

  • skin type
  • location
  • color
  • amount of ink
  • scarring or tissue change
  • layering

Parameter scores are then added to yield a combined score that will show the estimated number of treatments needed for successful tattoo removal. It is recommended that this scale be used by all laser practioners to help determine the number of treatments required for tattoo removal and as a predictor of the success of the laser tattoo removal treatments.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal painful?

In a word, yes. There is some discomfort involved. Some compare it to the snap of a rubber band. Others describe it as a sensation like grease splatter. However, at Skin Renaissance, we use a topical numbing agent to make it much more tolerable. As the tattoo lightens, you can expect it discomfort to decrease. We have never had anyone unable to finish a session.

What laser do you use?

RevLite® SI is a new generation Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser currently available in the United States.

RevLite SI provides greater efficacy and comfort with nearly 60% more power* to treat stubborn multi-colored tattoos, pigmented lesions plus non-ablative skin resurfacing. Proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse® (PTP) features a unique nanosecond pulse configuration delivering up to 1.6 Joules, even at larger spot sizes –enabling highly effective procedures with less heat and increased safety.

Does Skin Renaissance offer free consultations?

Absolutely! Just call 757-410-2833 to schedule your free consultation. Our highly trained medical staff will be able to give you an estimate as to the number of sessions, and the exact cost per laser tattoo removal session.

Click Here to view a video on tattoo removal.